We have had over 30 years of experiencing at first hand the amazingly therapeutic qualities horses and ponies have for people - especially those going through hard times, learning to come to terms with a loss, or having difficulty coping, or those with additional needs.
The amazing opportunities these intelligent creatures give people of all different backgrounds and life situations to change or enhance their lives is incredible. Add to that their ability to just be a friend and companion, a purpose to get up in the morning, and an important way of combating loneliness for many people and their therapeutic value is beyond words.
We are proud to be running the ’Changing Lives Through Horses’ scheme in conjunction with the British Horse Society. Through the British Horse Society’s charity work they have produced a gentle guided certificate scheme where you can learn at your own pace all about the care of horses and learning to ride. All levels of experience are welcome on this scheme and the syllabus, comprehensive information booklets and certificates are subsidised by the BHS.
Many children’s charities, additional needs activity providers and local councils will support both children and adults in the funding of these valuable courses.
We run both group course options and private options for these courses. Please contact Chrissy for further information on chrissy@devonriding.co.uk