In addition to the Riding School horses at Budleigh Riding School we have been breeding our own top quality horses for use in the riding school since 1994. Our very first breeding horses came from an Oldenburger Stud owned by Arnold Staufenbiel near Oldenburg, Germany. The very first horse - ‘Heatherways Star’ was spotted in the field by Mrs Howick and bought just from that far off glance even though she was in a field with 100 other mares. The next one ‘World Walzer’ we just walked past and she gave us a look which said she wanted to come to England (she went on to the British National Dressage Championships at Novice level!).
We originally imported 5 warmblood horses from Oldenburg in Germany and bred from 3 of them. In addition we bred from a Thoroughbred mare bought here in England. These have formed the basis of all our home bred competition horses – we do not buy any in to compete but simply compete the ones we breed in whichever discipline they excel in. Below is a brief summary of our home bred present (most recent first) and past horses and how they’ve done to date. All our horses are home trained for use in the riding school by Chrissy and Rob and the staff with help on the way from Olympic champion Carl Hester, local trainer Peter Cook FBHS and Claire Sansom FBHS:
Heatherways Uhland      DOB: 24/06/2019


Sire - Olympic Champion Uthopia (KWPN)
Dam - Heatherways Gypsy Star (sport Horse GB)
Our latest colt foal - a full brother to Heatherways Uschi and showing all the signs of wonderful character and talent of his Sire!.

Heatherways Uschi      DOB: 10/06/2016


Sire - Olympic Champion Uthopia (KWPN)
Dam - Heatherways Gypsy Star (sport Horse GB)
Uschi is a wonderful gentle character and really willing to learn. This doesn’t surprise us coming from her very loving home bred mare Gypsy. Due to COVID she has not been able to get out and about in 2020 but we hope to be able to get her out and about to some competitions in 2021 as soon as they are allowed to run. Currently trained by Emily Devetta, David Arranz and Chloe Howick

Heatherways Dancers Spirit   DOB: 01/04/2013


Sire - Keystone Dimadggio (KWPN)
Dam - Dagon’s Dancer (Old) Home bred
Spirits start in life was pretty horrific. It was intended to be a lovely year for her Dam - Chrissy’s home bred mare Dancer, who had reached Prix St George Level competing nationally - to have a leisurely year with a beautiful foal (while Chrissy was busy having her 3rd child too!) Unfortunately that dream of mother and baby partnerships strolling the fields together was shattered when on a freezing cold April fools day in minus 5 degree temperatures we had to have Dancer put down due to a ruptured intestine. The heartbreaking attempt to save her foal started - born well before her due date by Cesarian and brought into life by vet Bob Barker giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation - and then the frantic search for a surrogate mum started. Sadly no surrogate was found but we managed to keep her alive with a Devon wide search for mares colostrum. With a big effort including family, friends and staff monitoring her 24/7 including sleeping in her stable overnight she pulled through. We never thought Spirit would survive and she spent the first two months being tube fed, lost all her hair, and had to have her eye lids stitched open - basically a vet visit for one problem or another every 2nd day. She also had to have her hooves glued to keep them together.
However although a heartbreaking start Spirit did survive and grew to a whopping 17HH in her first year or so. She was looked after by another of our German mares Mole in her early life which helped her become a proper horse rather than having to be totally hand reared.
Although quite quirky Spirit has grown into a beautiful, big mare and we hope to take her out competing soon. We hope that her bad start in life being an orphaned chestnut mare, born on the coldest April fools day ever recorded in the area, and having to be brought into life by mouth to mouth won’t affect her too much!!

Spirits Mum - Dancer

Heatherways Nemesis      DOB: 06/06/06!


Sire - Negretto (KWPN)
Dam - Heatherways Megastar (sport Horse GB)
One of the few foals sired by Negretto, Nemo started her competition life with Chloe Howick at Royal Agricultural College competing up to BE 100 & Novice Level British Dressage. She then returned to the stables where David Arranz took over the ride successfully competing her up to and including Advanced Medium Dressage Level including qualifying and competed in the Winter Dressage championships at Hartpury College. Currently on field rest.

Heatherways Prince of Thunder      DOB: 24/06/05


Sire - Pro Set (KWPN)
Dam - World Walzer (Old) (home bred)
Born in a thunder storm Prince was stunning right from the start - up and about within minutes of being born and prancing about - and he hasn’t stopped prancing since. Currently competing at Prix St George dressage level Chrissy and Prince have worked their way up through the levels reaching Regional Finals every year and often being placed in the top ten. Prince has also done some BE eventing with both Chrissy and Rob (who took over the ride during Chrissy’s pregnancy). With his amazing dressage scores rarely above 19 and confident jumping he did really well in his early years at BE 90 & 100 before concentrating purely on dressage.
Prince continues to compete (all be it occasionally now due to the Riding School and Chrissy’s busy family life coming first) to Prix St George level and with Passage and Piaffe nearly there hopefully (time permitting!) he will work up to a higher level.

Prince with his sire Pro Set

Heatherways Lilly Lightening      DOB: 30/06/05


Sire - Lostock Hunstman (CHAPS)
Dam - Heatherways Starlight (Old)
A wonderful all rounder Lilly - who was also born in a thunderstorm - has competed in all riding club events in her early years and also British Dressage reaching regional Finals at Novice Level and also BE 100 reaching South West Regionals in the Young Horse Championships. In 2013 she reached the finals of the Badminton Grass Roots. Eventing. Sadly she went lame during the dressage so didn’t get to do the Cross country Phase. Currently used in the riding school Lilly has the most warm and gentle character of all our home bred horses.

Heatherways Gypsy Star      DOB: 09/08/02


Sire - Grannex (Han)
Dam - Heatherways Starlight (Old)
Another lovely gentle horse Gypsy has talents across the board. During her first dressage season with Rob she won the first five dressage competitions she went to at Novice level and had a write up in Horse & Hound. She qualified for Pet Plan regional championships on a number of occasions. She continued to go from strength to strength adding British Eventing to her competition experience and competing very successfully at BE 100. During all of Gypsy’s competition life she was also a riding school horse adapting to whatever situation and level of experience she was carrying. Unfortunately Gypsy sustained an injury in the field which she could not recover from enough to compete again - She has however gone on to have two of her own beautiful and talented foals - Heatherways Uschi and Uhland & has been brought back into riding school life. She is a wonderful ride.

Heatherways Sultan      DOB: 10/06/95


Sire - Maximillian Saluut (Hol). Graded 110 day performance tested Holstein stallion & Grand Prix Showjumper – by Ronald (Hol).
Dam - Heatherways Myth Bebe (Bessy) – by Button Bright (racehorse)
Info & competition history: Harry is the original cheeky chappy. With many confidence issues at the start of his life we really didn’t think he would get very far in life – WELL he certainly proved us wrong – although it took a lot of perseverance from the riders point of view and an enormous amount of patience and understanding of how Harrys brain works!!. Harry had an amazing career in affiliated Eventing and Dressage & despite his late start in life did amazingly well. Harry’s dressage really took off all of a sudden and he competed yearly at regional finals up to & including Prix St George level. He also qualified yearly at National Winter Championships in dressage with jumping from Novice to Open level with placings between 4th and 10th at the Championships.


Harry never ceased to amaze us (and impress the judges with his cheeky style and smile it seems) with the results he gained and he just really loved any form of competition or showing off in public. He had an obsessive love of Dancer and they really looked after each other at all times never wanting to be out of site of each other.
At affiliated British Eventing level Harry competed at Novice level –winning many events and going on to compete nationally at this level and earned many affiliated points. Later in his life he moved up to Intermediate level for a short time before moving onto just doing eventing for fun. He has also competed very successfully in Riding Club open team and individual eventing winning numerous events including two day events.
Harry is now retired and enjoys a gentle life at the stables.

Dagon’s Dancer

DOB: 09/08/02 - 2016
Sire - Dagon (Hann) International graded and performance tested Hanoverian dressage stallion – by Dirk (Hann)/span>
Dam - World Walzer
Info & competition history: Dancey was the most amazing horse on the yard in terms of what she achieved over the years. She adapted herself to anything & has been known to be competing in top level dressage, being dressed up as Rudolph, and having to take a beginner out all within a few days of each other! Dancey started at preliminary level as a 4 year old including 3rd place in the Shearwater Potential National Dressage horse as a 5 year old and rising to Intermediare I level in 2009. On the way she competed yearly at South West Regional Championships and competed at the British National Dressage Championships at Elementary Level. She therefore competed against the top tiny percentage of horses in the country – many of which cost phenomenal amounts of money and had a fully competitive lifestyle - rather than one of the riding school horse which Dancer lead! She also had a handicap being totally roach backed with lumps on her spine - which in any sales or purchase of dressage horses would not be given a chance to even attempt most of the advanced dressage movements.
Dancey also took part in the British Winter Championships at Advanced Medium and Prix St George Level. She competed at the South West Regional Dressage to Music Championships at Prix Set George Level achieving 9th place.
Dancey also loved jumping and hacking in her spare time and competed in British Eventing and also at the BHS National Hunter trials final at Windsor great park. She was a very confident horse who had her own ideas on what goes on in life and how we should handle her! – However she would do anything for you and this strong, trainable character helped her overcome any hurdles in her path to achieve the top level that she competed at against all the odds.
Dancey sadly lost her life while in foal to Spirit - who carries on her fighting spirit today!


Heatherways Donnersonata

DOB: 21/04/03 - 2019
Sire - Donnersong
Dam - World Walzer (Home bred)
Our most stunning home bred horse she certainly had character. A very tricky ride she was hugely talented in both flatwork and jumping. Sunny competed up to BE Advanced Level Dressage with Chrissy and Medium level dressage with Rob and reached South West Regional Finals yearly at all levels she competed at. Whatever her quick and quirky ways whether she was behaving or not she was a real head turner all of the time!
Now very sadly missed.


World Walzer

DOB: 23/04/91 - 2018
Sire - Weltcup (Old) Internationally graded and performance tested show jumping stallion by Weltmeister (Hann)
Dam - Unlanka (Old)
Info & competition history:
Walzer was bought at a glance – Chrissy walked passed her stable (of course she wasn’t for sale) & just fell in love with her – she was a beautiful mare & after much persuasion by Mrs Howick to the owner (helped along by a few schnapps!) she was bought having seen just a quick trot up - & backed and trained by Chrissy when she got to England. Walzy competed both in riding club and affiliated dressage and show jumping competitions before retiring from competition for breeding and use in the riding school. She competed up to Advanced Medium dressage level and reached regional finals at Novice and Elementary level – competing at the British Dressage National Finals at Stoneleigh at Novice level in 1998. She was also used in the riding school for experienced clients, examination training and university competitions.
Heatherways Megastar (Meggie)
Our very first home bred horse born in 1992 & backed and trained by Mel Howick.
Meggie competed at riding club level in all levels of competition achieving elementary level dressage and also taking part in British Eventing Horse Trials. She also qualified for and took part in the BHS National Hunter Trial finals at Windsor.
Meggie was not an easy horse that was part of her unique character! – Although she loved people and was very gentle she grew to a rather large 18hh and her idea of work was slightly different to most peoples! Having said that, when she did go well she usually won – and looked absolutely stunning – it just had to be on her terms rather than the riders and it took an intelligent and experienced rider to get the best out of her.
Sire – Dagon (Hann) – international graded and performance tested Hannoverian dressage stallion by Dirk (Hann) Dam – Heatherways Starlight (Old) – see below DOB – 07/5/92


Heatherways Starlight (Star):

DOB – 7/03/87
Sire – Unlan (Old) International graded and performance tested Oldenburg stallion – by Usurpator (Th)
Oldenburg mare - our first import from Germany – picked from a field of 100 mares by Mrs Howick!
Info & competition history:
Star competed successfully at riding club level in dressage, show jumping and horse trials and was a lovely easy horse to deal with and ride. Unfortunately due to an injury at a reasonably young age she had to retire from competition and riding school life. However she made


Heatherways Ted

DOB – 01/05/91 - 2019
Sire – Dagon (Hann) international graded and performance tested Hannovarian dressage stallion by Dirk (Hann)
Dam – Waldfee (old)
Info & competition history:
Ted competed successfully at riding club level in his early years and gave many instructors at the riding school a lovely ride at competition level. He was a wonderful gentle character and very intelligent horse. Ted went on to be used for many years and was a favourite in the riding school and for university competitions.